Joanna Krupa Declares Fur War on Kim Kardashian!

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Polish swimsuit model Joanna Krupa is planning to present the Kardashian family with a petition signed by 140,000 people demanding that they stop selling furs in their Dash store and online. Swimsuit model-activist Krupa insists Kim deserved worse than flour bombing and suggests Khloe stepped down – Khloe quit as a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) anti-fur spokeswoman over the attack – because she’s too embarrassed to fight fur wearers when her sister is one. She said:

She got away easy with just flour. The attacker is a hero.”

Joanna Krupa demands Kim Kardashian to stop selling furs in her boutiques Dash and online.

Joanna added:

One of the most influential families in the entertainment industry that could help give animals a voice on a large scale are the Kardashians. As a fashion-forward family with their clothing line in stores all over the US, they have the power to influence millions of people around the world.”

The outspoken model says she has proof that the Kardashians are selling fur at their Calabasas, California store Dash:

They told PETA multiple times they don’t sell fur at Dash… and we caught them cold-handedly at their Calabasas store.”

Krupa claims a fellow activist purchased a rabbit fur vest for $297.98 at the store – and she has the receipt to prove it. She is now planning a protest in early April, and wants to present the Kardashians with a 140,000-strong petition in an attempt to force the sisters to stop selling fur at their boutique.

And she adds:

I believe the reason Khloe quit working with PETA is because she was getting so much heat, being a hypocrite – posing for the anti-fur campaign, and then selling fur in her Dash stores.”

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