Jessica Simpson Twitted her Facial Mask

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Jessica Simpson posted her Twitter picture wearing a facial mask yesterday due to her upcoming VH1 reality show, The Price Of Beauty.

Jessica Simpson with Twitted photo of her facial mask

The 29-year-old singer tweeted:

“Thanks La Mer for the upper and lower zone radiant mask.”

Do you remember those rumors about her and Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan? So, he commented on it:

“She asked me to help her out on the theme song for her new TV show,” Billy told the Chicago Tribune. “[The show] has an interesting concept. She goes around the world to show how different people perceive beauty. In some cultures, bigger is better. In some, smaller is better. It’s interesting… I ended up writing part of [the theme song]. It has a little bit of an alternative rock edge, but it’s still very pop-y.”

Jessica looks so funny with this mask on, but in fact we are all the same when nourishing and beautifying ourselves.

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