Jessica Alba Has No Time for Beauty

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American actress Jessica Alba has recently admitted that she simply has no time to apply makeup or beautify herself. Being the face of the world cosmetic brand Revlon she had to learn to arrange her makeup regime after giving birth to her little daughter Honor Marie in June 2008.

Jessica Alba's beauty regime

She said:

“My beauty regime has changed so much since becoming a mother. I’ve learnt to multi task and throw my look together in five minutes. I love make-up that I can apply with my finger tips, as it saves time.”

Being married to Cash Warren, the 29-year-old star confesses she had to overcome a lot of pain to get her body shape back after giving birth to Honor.

Jessica said:

“It hurt and I cried a lot! I worked out with my personal trainer for three and a half months before I started filming again to lose the 55lbs I’d gained.”

She added:

“Breast feeding helped, but I was back at work and my hormones were going crazy.”

Jessica manages to stay in shape practicing yoga. She told Britain’s InStyle magazine:

“I don’t have time to go to the gym, but I do power yoga at home, which is a nice combination of cardio and stretching.”

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