Jennifer Hudson’s Ads for “Got Milk?”

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Oscar winner star Jennifer Hudson has become the latest celeb to sport a milk mustache as part of the “Got Milk?” campaign. Having lost 56 pounds to play Winnie Mandela in the forthcoming biopic Winnie, she says that milk was one of the helpers to slim-down.

Jennifer Hudson poses for the Got Milk ad

J-Hud says in the ad:

“[Milk] was definitely a part of my upbringing for sure. I definitely want to have that on my kitchen table. A lot has changed since I first hit the stage. Now I’m a news mom with an audience of one. And who’s the star of my show? Milk. It’s the elixir that builds strong families. Talk about a powerful performance.”

Jennifer Hudson for the Got Milk campaign

The 28-year-old new mama reminds other new mothers that milk offers substantial nutritional value for both mom and baby.

She said:

“As a new mom, I’m trying to make the best choices for my family and me, which includes making sure milk is on our table every day.”

Milk is the great natural product that maintains the biological activities of the organism. Do you agree with Jennifer?

Check out the video:

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