Jennifer Aniston Looking Hot in Latest Smartwater Ads

Jennifer Aniston is looking really hot now. She is already 42, but looking much hotter than lots of 20-year-old girls. Just look at Jen’s latest photoshoot for Smartwater ads. Gorgeous toned body is the only thing that leaps to my mind. Keep reading to learn her beauty secrets.

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Jennifer Aniston is looking uber hot promoting Smartwater. Take a look at her latest Smartwater ads. A couple of black-and-white promoting pics taken by photographer Steven Klein show Jennifer Aniston’s rocking body that surely leaves no one man cold.

Jennifer Aniston Looking Hot in Latest Smartwater Ads

Horrible Bosses star knows for sure how to keep in shape. She is rumored to stick to the so called baby-food diet, eating up to 14 portions of baby food during the day! Besides dieting she doesn’t skip her daily workouts. Therewith Jennifer Aniston’s workout includes yoga, swimming, crunching and surely drinking…Smartwater that is by the way claimed to be ‘the purest tasty water’.

Jennifer Aniston Looking Hot in Latest Smartwater Ads

Working out feels great …afterwards. That’s why I drink Smart. It’s hydration I can feel.

Jennifer admits.

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