James Brown Opened Hair Salon

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James Brown is more than renowned hairstylist as he has opened a salon to take care of your hair!

James Brown Opened Hair Salon

James is BFF and personal hair stylist of Kate Moss and other celebrities that have been invited for the opening party to share this event.

The salon interior was decorated under the thorough attention of the owner thus it’s so very much cosy with personal touches like the ‘God Save the Queen’ Union Jack hanging on the wall and squishy sofas with leopard print cushions in the waiting area. Treatments include Yuko Straightening Japanees System and the Brazilian Blow Dry.

James Brown Opened Hair Salon1

Joining James and Kate Moss at the salon launch were Sadie Frost, Kimberley Stewart and Jenny Frost.

James isn’t going to pause even for a moment. After launching the salon he is to star in his own TV show which features more than a cameo appearance by Ms Moss, that is set to hit T4 later this year.

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