J’adore Dior Releases New Commercial Starring Charlize Theron

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“The future is gold” – says Charlize Theron after she climbs on the top of Versailles and contemplates the futuristic city lights. This is a new chapter for J’Adore. A sparkling fresh floral bouquet was originally  debuted in 1999 as an eau de parfum and now to celebrate the 15th anniversary of J’adore Dior fragrance, Dior Beauty has released a new commercial starring gorgeous Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron In New J’Adore Dior Commercial

scharlize theron for jadore dior commercial

Theron has been the face of J’adore since 2004. Like all of her Dior commercials, in this one she is wearing a stunning gold metallic gown and takes off her shoes and accessories. Walking barefoot towards the golden scarf she climbs on top and dramatically looks at the city lights whispering “J’Adore Dior”.

charlize theron on the top of versailles

The 52-second commercial was shot at Versailles and directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. “Working with Mr. Mondino has been one of my favorite experiences that I’ve had in my life,” Theron says. “To have creativity there must be a tremendous amount of passion. And he is the embodiment of passion.”

The Dress

golden gown for dior commercial

“The dress this time — you can see that it’s part of the same family as the dresses we wore in the other campaigns for the last 10 years,” Charlize Theron says in her behind the scenes interview. “There was something about this dress that wasn’t structured to the body and yet had beautiful lines.”

handmade dress

The dress was made entirely by hand in Dior’s atelier in Paris. Over the course of 250 hours, couturiers have crafted the gown for Theron out of 22 yards of chiffon, 20 yards of tulle and 4 yards of silk organza. Craftsmen spent 60 additional hours tracing gradients onto the dress to illustrate where the dress would go — and then another 750 hours sewing the beads on one by one to create the cascading effect that gives the dress so much movement.

Watch this beautiful commercial and comment on what you think about it.


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