Internal bra to improve breast shape

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I’m sure that every woman at least once in her life looks into the mirror and feels dissatisfied with the shape of her breast. This can happen when she is young or middle-aged, or even when the woman turns 60. Anyway at a certain momemnt of our lives we all want to improve the look of our bust. And different women make different options.

Some go for platic surgery, some use the so-called ‘Breastox’ (Botox injecions into bust), while others just quit and find a bra that makes them look more or less confident. The latter choice is the most popular as it is the safest and cheapest.

Nowadays there is one more option available – to have an internal bra inserted into the breast. This is a very new technique that hasn’t been tested enough. But the first operation was successful and the doctor who invented this new method hopes other tests will be as good.

internal bra

The internal bra offers you permanent lift and shape and makes it unnecessary to wear a normal bra.

The first woman to have internal bra fitted was operated three weeks ago. It took only 40 minutes. The inventors of a fabulous bra claim it has none of the drawbacks of a breast implant and will continue to look good for years without sagging.

Avi Cohen, managing director of the company helping develop the bra said:

The operation went really well and the woman, who is in her 30s, has made a good recovery. The bra has given her the lift she wanted. Her breasts look natural and she is happy with the result. The surgeons have done a fantastic job.’

The Cup & Up bra has been invented by leading Israeli plastic surgeon Eyal Gur who now has lots of requests from women wanting the operation.

He said:

This might not quite be the end of normal the bra, but we’ve shown that with a very small operation that it’s possible to give a woman an internal bra that she can have for the rest of her life.’

The bra will allow the wearer to go bra-less if they want unless they are playing sport when an ordinary bra would be needed for additional support.

As you can see from the picture the internal bra is a harness-like device that is inserted under the skin using a local anaesthetic. It is similar in shape to a fabric bra, but is made of silicone. Two tiny cuts less than a centimetre wide are made underneath each breast. And silicone cups like the ones used in a traditional uplift bra are then are then inserted around 1cm below the skin. Then fine straps, made from a strong material that will hold the bra in place without it sagging, are attached to the ribs between the breast and the shoulder with a pair of titanium screws. After that these are stitched to the cups and everything is tightened to lift the breasts into the desired position.

The operation will be cheaper than a traditional breast lift and it offers a quick recovery. A patient won’t even need to stay over for night in the hospital.

Dr Gur said:

A woman will be able to go back to work after a couple of days rest at home.’

The next trial of the internal bra will take place within a year. And doctors hope it wiil give just another prove the method is great.

In a year’s time we will have enough evidence that it works. Then we will be able to get the green light from the European medical licensing authorities.’

The operation can help women with a moderate degree of sagging, but researchers hope that soon they will find a way to help those with more significant sagging as well.

Dr Gur said:

There are a lot of younger women whose breasts have started to sag even before they have had children and breast fed. Those who are sagging after having kids want to look like they were when they were teenagers. This operation will give them back youthful breasts.’

The technique will also be effective for women who have had breast reconstruction after mastectomies during cancer treatment.

These women often complain about their breast shape and position. The internal bra would be really beneficial to women who have had partial or full mastectomies,’ he said.

Let’s wait and see how it works. I think the idea is interesting. If it is as safe as they say it might be worth trying.

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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.

5 Responses to “Internal bra to improve breast shape”
  1. davina mccarthy Says:

    i would very much like to be one of the first candidates willing to try this uplift option.
    i have inplants that were placed without mastopexy which i feel was needed despite having the smallest inplants possible.
    please contact me if you need willing people to try this.
    kind regards,
    davina mccarthy

  2. Sean S. Do Says:

    I am workign for AJ Medical working in this field in Korea. We are very interested in Internal Bra.
    Please inform me how to contact the person who has patent.

    Thanks a lot

    Sean S. Do

  3. Ruth Says:

    Good Day

    I live in Jo’burg SA and am very interested in the procedure: the internal bra breast upliftment. I am 29-years-old. If you should need a “candidate” so to speak or if you can assist me with info on which doctors perform this procedure here in Sunny SA – I would be glad. My breasts are biggish and nice but they sag. My e-mail is [email protected] if you should want to assist me. Regards, Ruth

  4. Tori Lyn Says:


    I think this is an amazing idea and I would love to be someone who gets it done. If you are in need of more trails. Please let me know and if not I would really like to know when it is avaible and how much it would be.

    Thank you,


  5. Angela Says:

    Hello, I Had Saline ImplantS Done 21 years ago. Now 43, They Still Look Great, I Have No Problems WithThem, Although I Feel I Could Use A LifT. Can the Internal Bra BeDoneWith MyCurrent Situation.

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