Incredible Celebrity Imperfections: Tom Brady is Growing Bold

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Incredible Celebrity Imperfections: Tom Brady is Growing Bold

Celebrities always seem to us flawless and we constantly dream of having the same “perfect skin”, “gorgeous hair” or “hot body”. Sure hiding imperfections is celebrities’ must-be, but first off, they are just ordinary people like we are. And no matter how incredible it seems, they aren’t perfect, facing the same problems such as putting on extra weight. Even dashed kicky football star, Tom Brady has his incredible imperfection. It’s so nuts! Tom Brady is growing bold!

Tom Brady is Gisele Bundchen’s hubby and a celebrated football player, famous not only for his football achievements but also for extreme eye appeal. But several weeks ago he was spotted stepping out the back door of Rhode Island’s Leonard Hair Transplant Associates. And as the insider spilled guts, Tom Brady was looking for “help with his thinning hair and bald spot”. And to hold it out Tom parked at the back door (like James Bond, holy mackerel!)

It’s not a big deal, I guess, but why was he so secret?! It’s OK, Tommy! Moreover it seems to me that Brady needn’t any hair transplants, but he obviously should know better. What say you to that?

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  1. Keischa Says:

    Dag nabbit good stuff you whiepprnsappers!

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