Iman’s Daughter Is on Diet All Her Life

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Somali supermodel Iman is known around the globe. It’s not easy to be in the family of one of the world’s most beautiful women. It concerns her daughter Zulekha Haywood who has just spoken out for the first time about her weight loss attempts.

supermodel Iman and her daughter Zulekha Haywood

Zulekha Haywood, 31, admitted how hard it was growing up overweight alongside her slender fashion model mother. Haywood said she had tried every diet on the market, from the Atkins diet to Weight Watchers, but all failed.

She told Glamour magazine in the U.S.:

“I have more or less been on a diet since I was eight years old. None of them worked.”

The first diet she tried called ‘basta’!

“An overweight kid and already dining for sport, my first was the “basta” diet. At home, my mother, Iman, a beauty icon and devotee of clean eating, would whisper “basta” (“enough” in Italian) when I was in danger of overeating.”

It was a hard road to the slender aim.

“The choice was always mine, and I usually put down the fork. But I also got hip to late-night snacking, raiding the refrigerator and cupboards after midnight.”

Somali supermodel Iman

“At school I routinely traded lunches, and when I was old enough to buy my own, I would pass over apples for Hostess Apple Pies.”

Haywood, whose father is former basketball star Spencer Haywood, added:

“We always had plenty of nutritious snacks at home, but there was nothing more satisfying than savouring a secret Twinkie that I exchanged homework answers for.”

She agreed on gastric band surgery after doctors said her future health would be at risk from being morbidly obese.

Within a year she had shed almost half her bodyweight, and now loves being a U.S. size 6 – down from 26.

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