I Long To Smell Patrick Dempsey 2!

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Patrick Dempsey has collaborated with American cosmetic brand Avon to launch a new fragrance aptly named Patrick Dempsey 2!

Patrick Dempsey

Do you remember his last year Unscripted scent? Awesome, right? And now his new one is described as a mixture of mandarin, nutmeg, spiced wood accord and patchouli.

“It’s about the intimacy of two people and the strength you get in a relationship. I thought, why don’t we just go with ‘2? and make this about being a couple,” says the actor.

The aftershave advertising campaign features a photograph of the 43-year-old actor and his wife of 10 years, Jillian Fink.

Patrick Dempsey 1

Do you think Patrick is worth $35 in retail per 2.5 oz bottle. Yes, indeed! So, let’s wait until November to test a “couple” perfume.

Patrick is not the only Hollywood hunk to add his name to a scent. Two weeks ago, ‘Factory Girl’ actor Hayden Christensen was revealed as the face of Lacoste’s new fragrance Challenge.

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