Huh! Vacuum Brand Dyson Created A Supersonic Hair Dryer

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Dyson, the company that makes vacuums and humidifiers has unveiled their first ever (supersonic) hair dryer. Why? Just because the regular ones are big and noisy. The company’s founder James Dyson has challenged his engineers to develop the hair dryer that is more efficient and noiseless. All in all it took them four years to come up with a design and tech that doesn’t burn your skin, makes practically no sound, and is light (1.8 lbs).

The 1,600-watt dryer has a high-tech design that comes with three nozzles each for its own purpose including a blowout and smoothing. It comes in two colors, fuchsia and white. It also includes a removable filter to make it easier to clean and prevent hair plugging.

At $400 it comes roughly $100 above the price of a high quality professional hair dryer. Whether its tech is worth it is for you to decide.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Dyson hair dryer

Dyson hair dryer

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