Hi-Tech Beauty: Industry’s New Apps & Gizmos

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Innovations in beauty department are always interesting, but not all are necessarily revolutionary. Double chin-slimming to nose-correcting devices beauty tools have fascinated and surprised public but there are vast opportunities for more of those yet. These latest inventions in beauty don’t promise eternal youth or anything, but they are no less interesting to look at.

New Beauty Apps and Devices

Fingernails 2 Go

Fingernails 2 Go

Machines can sell you snacks and food and even help pay your bills but apparently now you can also do your nails using a machine that offers a variety of nail art designs and measures your nails to fit those designs to their exact size. How cool is that? At $25 for both hands (you may skip some fingers or do only a couple) and you get Fingernails 2 Go, almost like coffee or a snack. The designs are printed onto your nails by a machine using a water-based non-toxic polish and it also provides a top coat on…top.

Makeup Genius

Makeup Genius app for iPhone

Ever wondered how the trendiest lipstick of the season looked on you? Well, you could go to your nearest beauty counter and try what they have on the palm of your palm/lips or you could use this app that turns your iPad or iPhone into a mirror and allows you to try “more than 300 cosmetic products”. What makes this app stand out from all the other similar ones is that it lets you see your new look in real-time. How cool is that?

The Mink

Grace Choi shows freshly-printed pink eyeshadow

Another news in beauty industry comes from a Harvard Business School student Grace Choi who has inveted a printer called “The Mink” that prints out makeup. Using Photoshop or Microsoft Paint you can choose color you want and the printer will use the FDA-approved ink to create the products like lipstick and powder.

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