Heidi Montag Isn’t out of Fashion Surgery!

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The recently reported news reveal that the number of cosmetic surgery operations lowed down by 18% last year.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that about 1.9 million surgeries were done in 2009 that is a quite lowed rate in comparison with 2.1 million in 2005.

Heidi Montag and plastic surgeries

According to Dr. Elliot Jacobs, the recession is to blame:

“I believe one can credit the downturn of the economy for the decline in surgical procedures that obviously are more costly than non-surgical procedures.”

Besides, a lot of doctors are sure that the plastic surgeries-obsessed time has gone already and moreover it’s not fashionable anymore!

Dr. Michael Hall claims:

“When it comes to plastic surgery, people are now using more common sense. They don’t want radical procedures. Women are looking for non-invasive procedures. There is no lack of vanity. There is just a little more hesitation.”

Hope that Heidi Montag will stop “perfecting” her body, as the mad rush to the ideal sometimes lead to irreversible ugly results.

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