Heidi Montag Gets Back to Yoga

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The Hills star Heidi Montag, who is also famous now for her ten plastic surgery operations in just one day, is back to her yoga practicing just two months later.

Heidi updated her Twitter page to read:

“Its so hard to get moving post surgery!”

Heidi Montag practices yoga

No wonder! The strict after-surgery-regime is supposed to be discussed before the operation. And Heidi probably knew what she was agreeing with.

Earlier today she tweeted:

“I couldn’t fall asleep due to the pain I was in!”

Heidi also told People magazine:

“I see an upgraded version of me. It’s a new face and a new energy. It’s a new person and I feel like almost all of the things I didn’t want to be and who I turned into kind of got chiseled away. So I’m very excited for the world to see the new me and a real me.”

Her husband, Spencer Pratt, said he wasn’t in fact happy with her decision of undergoing the serious of operations in one day succession and his wife’s obsession with surgery.

But he said:

“Nobody truly understands how she feels except her. I may not be OK with things, but it’s not my call.”

Hope she be all right.

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