Heidi Klum with New Bob Hair Cut

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The Project Runway host Heidi Klum showed off her new hair style on TV talk show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Heidi looks feeling delighted with her new ash-blonde bob.

Heidi Klum with new ash-blond bob hair style

She said:

“I got bored as we all do once in a while as girls. Whenever I get bored I change it. I grow it then cut it, grow it then cut it. For some people they never change it and it works for them but for me I get bored.”

The mother-of-four also gave the host a new style, spraying his hair black.

She told him:

“You have hair, not like my husband. You can actually do something with it.”

Heidi Klum with new bob hair style

But the presenter complained wiping his face with a towel:

“There’s black stuff dripping down my face.”

But Heidi defended her efforts, saying:

“I think I did a terribly good job – brings out the eyes.”

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