Heidi Klum trains hard

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Heidi Klum is desperate to return her flawless figure after having a baby last month. She wants to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy to look perfect at Victoria’s Secret catwalk show next week.


To achieve her goal Heidi has embarked on a gruelling diet and exercise regime under the guidance of expert David Kirsch.

A friend of the family said:

Heidi’s swapped processed carbs, sugar, dairy and fruit for egg-white omelettes, spinach salads and grilled tuna with quinoa. She’s determined to wow everyone when she walks. She’s pushing herself through gruelling twice-daily workouts.”

The German supermodel had been planning to host the annual show without appearing at the catwalk. But then she changed her mind and decided she was able to get fit enough for the runway.

It is not easy for the mother-of-four to return her pre-pregnancy shape. She has admitted she is struggling to lose her baby weight and finds it much tougher now than she did after having her other children.

She said:

I wouldn’t say I’m back in shape yet. Everything changes when you get older. It was different when I was 31 with the first one and now being 36 with the fourth one. I think that if you wait too long and it sticks there it stays that way forever. I have to be motivated.”

To be sincere, I feel very much envious to Heidi. She is strong-willed and confident. If we all were like she we would be much more fit and beautiful.

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