Heidi Klum Lost Weight Thanks to Her Baby

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The Victoria’s Secret angel Heidi Klum went on the catwalk just six weeks after giving birth to her fourth child daughter Lou. Isn’t that awesome? She looked fabulous.


Here what she says on getting her figure back so soon:

“In the first two weeks after the birth I did absolutely nothing. Then I started very slowly with a bit movement. We live in Los Angeles at a very steep hillside. I walked it up and down – with a baby buggy! Then I extended this subsequently to longer walks.”

But time flies and 36-year-old beauty decided to call for a trainer, but it’s appeared that she prefers to work out with the infant than a trainer.

“Then I called my trainer Andrea Orbeck. She comes to me a few times a week. We train with weights, we do exercises with a medicine ball and much more. To be honest – it is not really fun for me. But I think it’s important for my body.”

Raising the daughter Leni, five, and sons Henry, four, and Johan, three with husband Seal, the German-born beauty says she is very “proud” she took the decision to take to the catwalk again so soon after giving birth.

Heidi Klum Lost Weight Thanks to Her Baby1

She told German magazine Gala:

“I have been a Victoria’s Secret angel for the past 12 years and I’m very proud of that. I made the decision at the last minute to go on the catwalk. When we were all waiting backstage and the music started my feet started to tingle. It was a lot of fun!”

Good for you, angel!

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