Health Horoscope September 2009

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September is the first month of autumn! It’s a great season when you can enjoy fruit and work on your own beauty tips. Fall golden wardrobe offers you so much! Fall is a pleasant time, no doubts, but only if you are not concentrated on the health problems.

Let’s see what Stars recommend you to do to avoid those in Health Horoscope September 2009.

Miss September – Virgo


Your health will show pretty good stable condition. However, energy surplus (in case you haven’t found use for it) can cause you mass of hardships like increased arterial pressure, irritability, risky and uncontrolled acts.



Take care of your back in September. If you have some problems with it now, you’d better take some preventive measures like swimming and gymnastics.

Have balanced and easy-digestible meals. Steer clear of all kinds of excesses especially in sexual sense.



Your health won’t cause you any trouble in September. Even strong anxieties and nerve overstrain can lead only to curbed appetite. You’ll feel some craving for loneliness by the end of the month that is probably pretty natural.

Try to give the way out of your gained energy and restrained aggression otherwise they can cause serious diseases.



If you’re not satisfied with your body shape or even worse – suffer from some illnesses owing to obesity, September is an ideal month to take measures. Your organism burns up calories much faster thus the results will be impressive.

Remember, that excess weight often is a consequence of unbalanced meals. Start eating wholesome food and bring good microelements, brewer’s yeast, into the ration .



In general Capricorn’s health condition is quite good in September. There is no sluggishness or apathy. All the strength is gathered together.

Overloads won’t harm your health condition and will promote you natural potential development. But be all-ears and all-eyes when driving and crossing the streets.



Handle with care cutting and sharp tools and fire either. To prevent unpleasant problems and nervous breakdown, give yourself tasks within your powers.

Stay away from dangerous places. Visit spa salon and take some aroma baths!



You can feel some dreaminess or some strange disease outbreak in September. You can sleep not so well or feel an extreme sleepiness on the contrary.

Due to this condition you can have hypochondria – you’ll seam that you’re terribly ill with some unknown incurable disease. But there is nothing to do with it in reality.



Unstable field of September can appear your health condition. Any ailment is better to be treated immediately.

Don’t postpone it for some other time as it can easily turn into a chronic disease and it will take much more time, money and effort to get rid of it.



September is a perfect month for health-improving and cosmetic programs undergoing. As a result you’ll notice your mood and physical condition bettered.

But the routine inspection should be planned for another month as the analysis can be lost or messed up. So, enjoy the first fall month.



Your biopotential is not so high this month. All sorts of collisions can hit your health some way or cause acute condition of disease.

Home and family atmosphere will protect you in some way against troubles. Be attentive to yourself this month in particular. Take massage sessions.



Excessive fuss and lots of work fallen to you requiring prompt solving can ruin your plans. Your nerve system will be overloaded. Stars say that there can be some unreasonable emotionality and irritability.

Try to find the way out of the stress situation and spill out all the tension you collets due to the circumstances.



Pay your attention to the tiredness this month. If you don’t manage to release tension and have some rest you’ll get physical reactions to stress – back pains, bitter eructation, nervous heartburn, palpitation, giddiness, headaches.

If you already feel something like that – go to bed!

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