Halle Berry and Halle Perfume

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As you know Halle Berry is one of those celebrities who has turned perfumer recently. But actually she has mixed perfumes to create the scent she wanted since she was a little girl.

halle berry
Halle has had an interest in fragrance since she was young and was excited to experiment with fragrances to manufacture her own signature scent, Halle by Halle Berry.

She said:

As a teenager, I learned that the scent you wore kind of defined who you were and said a lot about you. I used to mix my mother’s Chanel and Estee Lauder, and I’ve been mixing my own ever since.

My partner is a Frenchman so I’ve got to smell right. Gabriel loves the perfume – he was my chief tester.”

The idea never left the woman’s mind and when she was pregnant and knew she couldn’t work she went to fragrance firm Coty.

Coty didn’t approach me – I approached them! I was pregnant and knew I wouldn’t be able to make any movies for a while. So I thought, ‘Now’s the time to create my own fragrance,’ because I had wanted to do one for a long time. And luckily Coty said yes.”

Well, this is just another example when a childhood dream has come true. Girls, think of your own dreams, maybe you can do something about them now.

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