Gorgeous Dita Von Teese launching into Beauty World

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Dita Von Teese is known for her vintage gorgeous looks that are so popular among fashionable beauties nowadays. That’s why no wonder that gorgeous Dita Von Teese has finally resolved upon launching into beauty world with her starry makeup line. No doubt it will turn out to be a bestseller for vintage makeup fans. Moreover she’s decided not to confine herself to release just a makeup line but to launch a fragrance at the same time. Well, a head start, I guess!

Gorgeous Dita Von Teese launching into Beauty World

The celebrated Burlesque Queen has already launched into beauty world in 2007 being a spokesperson for the MAC AIDS Fund. But having caught that not every woman is satisfied by present-day makeup lines, Dita Von Teese admits,

I want to do my own makeup line, because I feel like things are missing in the world. I’m constantly trying to mix up colors. Also, I mix my own body makeup. I love the idea of beautiful packaging for cosmetics. I use a lot of vintage powder compacts, and I buy vintage lipstick tubes and transfer lip colors into them. I put my MAC lipstick into my vintage Helena Rubinstein tubes.

I haven’t got all the details about Dita’s makeup line yet, but what I know for sure is that at least packaging will be entirely saturated with vintage inspiration. And as for the colors Dita reveals that she loves the look of matte, velvety lips and, in her opinion,

Every girl should have a matte red and a matte fuchsia. And that’s so hard to find these days.

So there are no prizes for guessing who will help to find that important but failing lipstick colors!

As well as launching into beauty makeup world Dita Von Teese is eager to launch her own fragrance in order not to “smell like anyone else”. But I must upset you, Dita, just after your signature scent hits the shelves one in two will smell like you!:-) Well, at least, me, as I’m on the edge of my sit to get Dita’s fragrance! And the fact that such great perfume companies, like Coty have refused to collaborate with Dita Von Teese (pleading that her name is not as famous as Kim Kardashian, for instance) doesn’t choke me off purchasing Dita Von Teese’s signature scent. Well , what do you say to that?

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