Good Half of Hollywood Stars in L’Oreal Paris Commercials

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Specially for you to enjoy! L’Oreal Paris has started the New Year with lots of commercials starring a good half of Hollywood stars, including Beyonce, Gerard Butler, Jessica Alba and many many others… nobody except that uber fabulous, astounding celebrated Hollywood inhabitants can convince us, just ordinary people, to buy new cosmetic products by L’Oreal. Believe me commercials look very persuading, making us believe that we’re worth it!

Good Half of Hollywood Stars in L’Oreal Paris Commercials

And no matter that almost everyone on Earth knows Beyonce as a great wig lover and hair extension admirer; we will all the same go to purchase Feria hair dye by L’Oreal in order to look like Beyonce showing off her gorgeous locks. (And I will head the queue for this new L’Oreal hair dye.) Watch the commercial yourself and tell me if I have a preconceived notion for Beyonce:

We had barely enjoyed the commercial featured Beyonce, when behind the scenes of Gerard Butler’s commercial leaked into the Web. The only thing I want to mention that Gerard is sooo hottie, however as usual. And if I were a man I would rush to the nearest cosmetic store to get these miraculous cosmetic products if they are able to turn an ordinary man into such a handsome man as Gerard Butler is. Well, I won’t keep you in suspense take a look at uber hot Gerard just below and don’t forget to let me know what do you think of him:

Apparently L’Oreal editors decided that two commercials are not enough, thus they released one more video starring a good half of Hollywood stars wishing Happy New Year. All of them look gorgeous and stunning; there is nothing to comment, as it is just a very good video of high quality stuffed with lots of famous faces, look yourself:

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