Giorgio Armani is Another One, Obsessed with Megan Fox

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Lara Stone, pictured in the current Giorgio Armani Cosmetics campaign, has been replaced by ‘confident and seductive’ actress Megan Fox.

Giorgio Armani is another one, obsessed with Megan Fox

But 24-year old actress isn’t only the face of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, earlier she became Giorgio Armani’s body, modeling for Emporio Armani underwear (by the way, here she replaced Victoria Beckham) and Armani Jeans.

Giorgio Armani is another one, obsessed with Megan Fox

Mr. Armani is an iconic visionary for all things fashion.

Megan Fox admits.

I’m honored to be associated with him and part of this campaign.

Armani in his turn explains why Megan Fox was chosen for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics campaign:

She embodies the spirit of the women of today… Her beautiful features reveal femininity, sensuality and strength,

Megan Fox will appear in the brand’s ads, pictured by Craig McDean, in October. Take a look at exclusive first photoshoot with Megan Fox for Giorgio Armani>>

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