Gerard Butler wants his own perfume

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Gerard Butler, who has been named the favourite British star in Hollywood, claims he needs to have his own fragrance.

gerard butler

The actor is known for his great acting and roles in films like The Phantom of the Opera, The Ugly Truth, 300 and others. But he has nothing else to boast, and feels this is something he should work on.

The Scottish star is convinced he’s the only British actor without his own cosmetics line.

He told British radio station BBC Radio 1:

I need a perfume. I need to tell my publicist to get on that. He’s not got me any worthwhile branding. Clive Owen has his aftershave, Ewan McGregor has cologne. What do I have? Nothing. I don’t know what it would be like, but I need one.”

What can I say? I’ve always thought a person must have a talent or at least a strong dedication to create something. If showing off is the only goal, then no success is promised.

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