Gabourey Sidibe Wants to Lose Weight

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The Precious star Gabourey Sidibe thinks of going on a diet to lose the excess pounds that led her to the Red Carpet. Her mother Alice Tan Ridley has recently revealed that her daughter really wants to be slim. But will that keep her in the saddle of TV industry.

Gabourey Sidibe is to lose weight

Alice said:

“The truth is Gabourey would like to lose some weight but the reality is that she would not have gotten the role of Precious if she had not been heavy.”

She also admitted:

“As her mum I would like to see my daughter healthy but if she didn’t lose weight that’s not a problem either – it runs in our family. We have relatives that are 80 who are too heavy so it works in different ways for different folks.”

It’s nice when your close people believe in you no matter what you are. So does the mother of Gabourey who is sure her daughter is to have a ling acting career.

She added to

“I’m proud of my daughter no matter what and the truth is that there are all kinds of acting roles for all sorts of people.”

Recently, it has been reported that Gabourey is being lined up for weight loss reality show ‘Celebrity Fit Club’, but Alice insists the star has not been approached.

She commented:

“I have not heard anything about her appearing on ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ or any of these dieting companies getting Gabby to try and endorse their products.”

Anyway, the time will come when we admire the slender Gabourey Sidibe!

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