Fish Pedicure Is Dangerous To Health

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Fish pedicure that has swept the beauty industry some years ago has been found dangerous to health. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a report by U.K.’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science on types of bacteria that are linked to Garra rufa, also known as ‘doctor fish’.

The beauty treatment at issue uses Garra rufa for nibling dead skin from the feet of the clients, which replaces the conventional pedicure. The public-health officials have warned against fish pedicure, leading to 14 states in U.S. banning the treatment, because of health risks the procedure poses. Bacteria and water where the fish live make fish pedicure dangerous for people with cuts and sores, diabetes, liver diseases, and bad immune system (due to health problems, illness or age).

Strep bacteria outbreak last year has prompted a study of fish seized during shipment to UK. Bacteria found in fish were Aeromonas, Streptococcus agalactiae, and Mycobacteria. They are responsible for various skin and soft tissue infections while Aeromonas also causes gastrointestinal problems in humans.

 The [strep] strain we isolated typically only causes disease in fish.We then went on to look at other consignments of apparently healthy imported G. rufa and found some other species of bacteria that can cause disease in humans and fish,

said lead researcher David Verner-Jeffreys.

What makes it more dangerous is that the bacteria are resistant to multiple drugs.

To date, there are only a limited number of reports of patients who might have been infected by this exposure route. However, our study raises some concerns over the extent that these fish, or their transport water, might harbor … pathogens of clinical relevance,

it says in the report. CDC warn against fish pedicure people who have immunodefficiency. And, of course, when there are open cuts and sores.

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