Favorite Cannes 2011 Beauty Looks

Such events as Cannes Film Festival have the public keeping an eye on what's going on the red carpet. Celebs attending premieres and photo calls always have to be sure they look their glamor best.

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Angelina Jolie Cannes 2011

Favorite Cannes 2011 Beauty Looks

Flawless as always Angelina looks like she bears no makeup until you look closely just to see the light strokes of brown shadows on her eyelids. Sheer lip gloss only adds to the freshness of this look. Her hair was styled as usual but the glow she shows is simply making it one of our favorite Cannes 2011 beauty looks. Oh, and have you seen that dress?

Gwen Stefani Cannes 2011

Favorite Cannes 2011 Beauty Looks

Gwen Stefani went for really dark smokey eye makeup but brightened it up with hot pink glittery lipstick. And though I would rather she used sheer lip gloss the look does it for me. The sequined black jumpsuit would be awesome if it was a dress but then again then it probably wouldn’t be Gwen Stefani’s style.

Rachel McAdams Cannes 2011

Favorite Cannes 2011 Beauty Looks

It was hard to pick Rachel McAdams’ best Cannes 2011 look but this one won me with its classic McAdams feel. That hairstyle and eye makeup are Rachel McAdams’ signature style marks so…

Uma Thurman Cannes 2011

Favorite Cannes 2011 Beauty Looks

Uma Thurman looked lovely in her white feathery dress and that updo. Nothing new in terms of makeup, no bold looks but rather usual look that’s always worked for Thurman.

Diane Kruger Cannes 2011

Favorite Cannes 2011 Beauty Looks

Diane Kruger looked like a siren in her golden Calvin Klein dress and golden waves she brightened up with the shade of red on her lips.

Zoe Saldana Cannes 2011

Favorite Cannes 2011 Beauty Looks

Zoe Saldana looked great with her hair curled up and her eyes in black eyeliner. Sheer lip gloss and peach blush made her look more radiant.

What are your favorite beauty looks from Cannes 2011?

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