Face and Body Tattoos Is Hot New Trend

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Face and body tattoos are all the rage these days. The gold and silver temporary transfers can be worn on arms and legs, back and neck. Popularized by celebrities like Beyonce these little decorations can really complement your holiday look as well as your summer style.

Body Tattoos Is Hot New Trend Again

Temporary gold tattoos

Temporary gold and silver bracelets

We’ve seen gold transfer body tattoos for  back in 2012 from Dior but this year the trend came back with even more options. There are bracelet tattoos, necklace styles, and various other designs you can wear anywhere on the body as you would a real tattoo. They also come in black and silver so if you’re not into gold there are other options to choose from.

Face tattoos have been seen at some Spring 2015 shows. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Blonds, and A Detacher showed some face tattoo makeup looks for those who feel adventurous or creative. This trend also seems to come from 2012. Models at Corrie Nielsen show wore face appliques on their faces, which then shaped a collection of lace appliques from makeup artist Phyllis Cohen.

A Detacher Spring 2015

A Detacher Spring 2015

Since these tattoos are more affordable it’s easy to change them up depending on event or your style and mood. This type of body art is pretty convenient and wearable. It especially adds to the summer vacation style when you don’t want to wear jewelry but still want to look stylish and accessorize your look.

Before applying or even choosing tattoo designs think about the look you’re going for. Many different bracelets tattooed close together are great for summer vacation in boho style. A few chains will get you an urban look and an impressive cuff can be worn to a holiday party.

What do you think about this trend?


Kendall Jener at Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2015 show

Blonds Spring 2015

Blonds Spring 2015

Alessandra Ambrosio temporary gold tattoos

Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella 2014

Vanessa Hudgens temporary gold tattoos

Vanessa Hudgens posted her bracelet tattoo on Instagram

Temporary gold tattoos

Temporary tattoos in summer style

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