Eva Mendes Shares Her Festive Diet

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Eva Mendes always looks great strolling along the Red Carpet. Her secret is as simple as it’s possible. She doesn’t starve or limit herself strictly. The point is that she has meals just before attending any party she is invited to.

Eva Mendes

She said:

“My big holiday secret is so great and it works. What I do is to eat before I go to a holiday party. I go with a full stomach of like fish or veggies or whatever it is I have at home that is good, and then when I get to the part I will probably have a little nosh on something but it’s not going to be disastrous. But I have to admit if I falter on my healthy eating I really falter. If I go, I go hard.”

And she probably admits that she doesn’t have a super secret on keeping her figure slim.

She added:

“I just work really hard, I work my buns off.”

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