Emmy Rossum Suffers from Hairdresser Phobia

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Fabulous Shameless star, Emmy Rossum, is afraid of hairdressers… or more precisely of having her hair cut. She has recently admitted that her actually very unusual hairdresser phobia is caused by psychological scar inflicted her in childhood.

Emmy Rossum Suffers from Hairdresser Phobia

Emmy Rossum has long beautiful hair and therefore it is easy to understand why she doesn’t want to lose her pride. But phobia is surely too drastic way to express the feeling of fear. Emmy Rossum explained it the following way:

I’m really afraid of scissors. I get that panic moment – I think every girl does – when they’re snipping and you can’t quite tell how much they’re snipping.

The reason for such weird fear of having her hair cut lies in her childhood:

My hair was super, super short when I was five years old and other every girl looked like Serena van der Woodsen. I had short, inch-long curly hair so it was pretty scarring. I haven’t cut my hair since.

Poor celebrities! What crazy phobias they have! Read more about other crazy celebrity phobias>>

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