Emma Roberts for Neutrogena

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The growing-up daughter-star of actor Eric Roberts and the niece of actresses Lisa and Julia Roberts – Emma Roberts was offered to be Neutrogena’s brand ambassador just right at her 18th birthday.

Emma Roberts

Neutrogena is a worldwide leader in premium, dermatologist-recommended skin, hair and cosmetics products, Neutrogena(R) Corporation has been providing consumers with health and beauty improvements for over 40 years.

The Company manufactures and markets a line of premium-priced skin and hair care products that are distributed in more than 70 countries. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Neutrogena(R) is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly based health care products company.

The talented actress and role model will be joining the representing stuff of the brand: Diane Lane, Jennifer Garner, Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere, Gabrielle Union, Susie Castillo, Malin Ackerman and Natascha McElhone.

“Emma Roberts embodies the youthful spirit and confidence that have always been part of the Neutrogena brand and we are proud to have her as our newest brand ambassador,” says Jim Colleran, President, Neutrogena(R).


“I’m so excited to enter this new chapter in my life. To be a part of a brand that I have always loved and believed in is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Emma Roberts in her turns. “It’s important to me to be associated with Neutrogena because they instill confidence and beauty in young women.”

Roberts will combine her new responsible mission with promoting her latest film “Hotel For Dogs” (in theaters now) in New York.

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  1. Classic Says:

    Emma has the smile of her aunt!

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