Elizabeth Hurley Launches Organic Snacks

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Elizabeth Hurley who had given up acting and opted for a country life with her son Diamen and husband Arun, will be launching some delicious snack products on November, 3 at Harrods.

Elizabeth Hurley Launches Organic Snacks2

The range of snacks consists of oat bars, beef jerky and fruit bars. The fruit bars come in two initial flavors- Strawberry & Cherry and Orange & Cranberry; the first oat bars in Banana & Chocolate and Orange & Chocolate.

Elizabeth Hurley Launches Organic Snacks1

All the products are totally organic and certified by the Soil Association. Liz has provided the bars with some of the ingredients from her own 400 acre organic farm on Gloucestershire.

There are only 74 calories a bag made from air dried strips of organic silverside and is high in protein and low in fat.

Elizabeth Hurley Launches Organic Snacks

It seems this country business woman doesn’t regret her new off-screen life.

I think you should try it. Organic food is always healthy! Thanks’ Elizabeth, I’ll take your organic snack tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Elizabeth Hurley Launches Organic Snacks”
  1. Canada Guy Says:

    Organic farming methods offer several benefits for the environment and human health as a whole, but unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and falsehoods being spread regarding organic food and farming methods, both by proponents and detractors. Here are the facts about what organic methods can do for us and what they can’t.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hi! I wonder where you can buy those oat bars except at harrods? =)

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