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Elegant Nicola Roberts Launches “Dainty Doll” Makeup Line

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Nicola Roberts‘s always been quite eccentric one in Girls Aloud, and yet very pale one – and now Nicola Roberts‘s pale face is her luck, launching “Dainty Doll” Makeup Line.

The British pop star has always felt like the ugly duckling among the cute (or more exactly tanned) swans being the skinny, pale girl, who is strongly against of unhealthy tanning.

Elegant Nicola Roberts Launches

I was the ugly one, the odd one out … It turned into a beauty contest. People on radio and TV started making nasty comments about me and I felt awful…

Nicola admits,

… I was tall, skinny, with red hair and the whitest skin you’ve ever seen – standing next to four of the most gorgeous girls in Britain.

Roberts revealed that she self-tanned every night to hide her extreme paleness while her makeup artist tanned her every day in a tone similar to her perfectly tanned group members Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh.

And then a big break came in Nicola Roberts’s life when she stopped tanning.

I stopped faking it, and started to love being me…

she says.

And now as a happy ending Roberts launched her own makeup line called “Dainty Doll” for pale-skinned women, fighting against the ideology that paleness isn’t pretty.

Elegant Nicola Roberts Launches

Glamorous redhead Nicola Roberts launched “Dainty Doll” at London’s Harrods, looking like a pretty porcelain doll, Nicola admitted,

This is not a celebrity line of makeup. This is makeup for women with pale skin of any age. The reason behind me doing this is because I had a point of difference and that was because of the pale skin and it was something I obviously felt really passionate about. I was aware that there weren’t many makeup brands that catered for women for extra pale skin so I feel proud that I’ve been the person to do it.

Elegant Nicola Roberts Launches

The Dainty Doll makeup line includes 10 different products in various shades and colors and priced from £10 to £20.

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