Eggs Help to Lose Weight

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Do you know that breakfast, including eggs, helps to lose weight 65% faster than any other food of the same calorie content, for example buns and rolls. The second are higher in carbohydrates.

Boiled eggs help dieting

Scientists from the Connecticut University decided to study this point more. They were intended to know how these two kinds of breakfast affect appetite and the amount of food men eat during the day. 22 volunteers were under the experiment. The fist morning the tested ate the protein breakfast, the second – breakfast rich in carbohydrates. Every day men were invited for a lunch where food was unlimited. Despite the identical calorie content of the breakfasts, the testees behaved differently.

Eggs Help to Lose Weight

The day when the participants had eggs, they ate 112 calories less. And the general calorie intake during the day was 400 calorie less. According to the blood tests, the ghrelin hunger hormone level was higher through the day when the breakfast consisted of buns and rolls. It’s a well know fact that ghrelin stimulates appetite and takes over leptin that cuts it down.

Hence, Maria Luz Fernandez, Ph.D recommends having eggs for the breakfast regularly. That will make you feel full for a quite long time.

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