Dracula Therapy Brings Youth Back

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Don’t be afraid of the name this therapy has – Dracula Therapy, it involves your own blood being injected into your face.

Stimulated Self Serum skin therapy is the top news in anti-ageing sphere for now. It has been introduced by Daniel Sister – the innovative London-based French cosmetic doctor.

Dracula Therapy Brings Youth Back

The whole point is that a doctor draws vials of your own blood then separates it into the red blood cells, the clear serum and the platelets. Then he adds vitamins and amino acids into it, the enriched serum is injected back to you – to your face, to be exact.

Dr Sister says that this blood transfusion stimulates DNA repair, heals scars and makes dry, wizened, wrinkled and lacklustre skin look and feel younger naturally.

Dr Sister says:

“I thought, if serum therapy was good enough for bones and soft tissue like gums, then it could do even better in the skin.”

The S3 serum is rich in growth factors, natural proteins that can supercharge healing and reverse damage in the body.

Syringe with Blood

The doctor managed to merge platelet-rich plasma therapy, which involves deep injections into damaged soft tissue, with the traditional French beauty treatment, mesotherapy, which involves dozens of tiny injections of vitamins and minerals into the superficial layers of the skin.

After a patient receives the blood treatment she spends some time under red and blue therapeutic lights, which are good at healing skin and destroying bacteria, including the bacteria that cause acne. The real changes of the skin are seen in a few weeks after S3 injections.

What do you think about this Dracula healing rejuvenating therapy?

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2 Responses to “Dracula Therapy Brings Youth Back”
  1. nina Says:

    how do you seperate the blood and how do u ad vitamins and what kind and how much amt , is too much bad???? detail send me the science and the education you need for this? thank you

  2. Maria B. Says:

    where is aveliable this theraphy?
    Best regards
    Maria tel.46707205805

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