Donald Trump to Launch Nutritional Products

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Donald Trump has teamed up with a nutritional products company Ideal Health renaming it into The Trump Network.

Donald Trump to Launch Nutritional Products

Donald wants to “help” people suffering the stressful economic crisis. But if the company is named after the millionaire, it doesn’t guarantee the success. Daniel Howard, marketing professor at Southern Methodist University explains:

“People are more easily persuaded when they want to believe in something. Someone comes along with a big name like Donald Trump and pitches riches, it captures peoples’ attention and interest. If he made so much money, they think, ‘I’m glad I’m on board.’”

It sounds suspiciously.

He added the ominous fact:

“Multilevel marketing is a tough business, and most people don’t make much money.”

Probably, when it comes to the Trump Empire, there isn’t a word of nutritional products, but money first of all.

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