Do we eat less when men are present?

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Well, I know many of you, my dear female readers, will say I’m telling nonsense here, but it’s not me, it’s British experts who have revealed that. The results of the new psychological study have shown that women who want to lose weight should share their mealtimes with men.

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Women do eat less when having a meal with men, no matter who these men are, husbands, dates or just colleagues. This has a purely psychological explanation: women order smaller portions because they are subconsciously controlled by a desire to signal attractiveness.

Tests have revealed that women order smaller or less calorific meals if eating with a man but they eat a normal portion when dining with another woman.

Besides, in mixed-gender groups women still order less, and the more men in the group the smaller the portion is chosen. However, in all-female groups women ate as much as they wanted or even more, with lots of ice-cream and chocolate.

girls eating

The research also included men and the results show that men eat the same amount of food no matter who they eat it with.

Women are apparently influenced by how society views them and believe men want them to be slimmer.

Smaller, healthier portions are seen as more feminine, and women might believe that if they eat less they will be considered more attractive to men,’ an expert said.

It is possible that small food portions signal attractiveness, and women conform, whether consciously or unconsciously, to small meals in order to be seen as more attractive.’

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