DNA based perfume: yes or no?

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Obsession with celebrities can go far, even to creation of perfume based on the idol’s DNA. Maybe it was this or something else that prompted a Beverly Hills company to make a line of “Antiquity” fragrances using DNA of dead celebrities. The scents they already have include those with code of Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, etc.

elvis presley blue suede cologne

The idea even went further and now the company creates individualized scents on a customer’s cheek swab. It might be interesting to have your own perfume.

It is said that celebrities’ DNA was taken from hair clippings provided by renowned celebrity hair collector John Reznikoff. The company doesn’t reveal its secrets of course.

I can’t go into our secret process, but we base the fragrance on the genetic code,” said Dr. Diva Verdun, chief development officer at

marilyn monroe marilyn cologne

Verdun explained that buyers won’t get a real piece of their idol’s biology in the bottle and it is unlikely that a revearse DNA analysis can be made off the perfume. All the process is purely scientific, she claims. But if we can’t have it how do we know that it includes DNA of the people we are interested in? Isn’t that just another trick to fool customers?

Besides, the fragrance won’t even resemble the smell of the idol.

I did a little research on Elvis, and he actually had really bad body odor. So we don’t want to clone him in any way or create a fragrance that actually smelled like him,” she said. “DNA has nothing to do with bodily functions. There’s no way it can stink.”

michael jackson m cologne

Lots of people are sceptical of the venture but the producer sells its Antiquity line successfully. A bottle goes for $59.99 and is available online.

What is your attitude to the fragrance like this? Would you like to have a scent of your own?

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