Dior Released BB Cream For Eyes

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Famous cosmetic brand Dior has been improving the famous BB cream formula and recently came up with BB cream that they have created exclusively for the eyes. The new astonishing formula promises to help battle the major troubles of the skin around the eye: dark circles and puffiness.

New BB Cream For Eyes By Dior

Hydra Life BB Cream For Eyes by Dior

Hydra Life BB Cream For Eyes By Dior

Well, it is amazing how famous cosmetic brands, such as Dior fight for attention by creating various improved formulas of the widely used products. This time it is the BB cream that captured Dior’s attention. BB cream is a revolutionary cream that is a moisturizer, a primer, a foundation, a serum, and a sunblock – all in one tube!

This is incredible because the formula of a BB cream by Dior promises to fight the main fatigue signs that are very visible on the eyes. The BB cream for the eyes promises to take care of the eyes, while moisturizing the skin around eyes, as well smoothing it, concealing dark circles and puffiness.

The BB cream has slightly tinted texture, and along with the mentioned above properties it is also illuminating the skin, while protecting the sensitive areas around the eyes. The formula is rather lightweight making the gaze to appear refreshed and bright. It is perfect for maintaining the medium coverage. Oh, by the way how can a BB cream go without a sunblock? Dior also managed to make the new BB cream for the eyes with SPF 20 filter.

The testing conducted by Dior showed that in self-evaluation after using the BB cream for a month women reported increase in radiance in 64% and more radiant contour in 54% of cases. However, their sample was rather small, having only 44 women questioned. The new BB cream Hydra Life for eyes is available for $ 45 from Sephora. There are two hues available: Luminous Beige and Luminous Peach. Are you excited about the new product for the eyes by Dior?

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