Diet May Horoscope

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May is the month of warmth turning into heat. We take off jackets and reveal our shapes. Some of us are already ready even for summer season, but others are still in the process. That’s good indeed! Working out in the gym, don’t forget to breath, eat and drink.

Stars will help you in dieting in May, because it’s a very hard task to follow on your own.

Miss May – Taurus


Digestion processes are too active in metabolism of Taurus in May as you do like to have meals often. You run the risk of becoming obese.

The first you have to learn to do is to chew slowly. It will help you to avoid the digestion disorders and prevent the obesity. Eat more vegetables (that are in plenty now): beet, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, onions, spinach, lettuce.

For thyroid gland proper work don’t forget about iodine sources: laminaria, fish. Bring into your ration to the extent possible. The following fruit is favorable for you, stars say: plums, apricots, quince, peaches, and oranges.

Drink predominantly lemon juice or green tea with lemon slices – it’s wholesome to keep the throat healthy.



Gemini has innate instinct to healthy meals. You need just to listen to your inner signals of the organism to avoid serious mistakes in dieting. Stars say that you should prefer energy-rich-food.

Steer clear of sweets, fat meals and alcohol. Eggs, cheese, nuts (protein) are good for Gemini. Hazelnuts are wholesome for you because they strengthen bronchi and develop immunity to lung diseases. Bain energy can be drawn from cereals: all kinds of the cooked cereals, peas and haricot beans meals.

To sooth the nerve system, you, girl, can take B-group vitamins and potassium. Don’t eat too much before you go to sleep. Limit yourself to 1 glass of kefir. Gemini should choose easeful diet in May – less coffee, spicy food or mustard.



Cancer girl, May is characterized by your high mistrustfulness and an amazing talent to stretch your hands to the wrong and unhealthy food thus strict diet. Keep off the meals that provoke fermentation and stomach burning.

Alcohol and beer are not desirable together with confectionery. Eat more fish, cereals, vegetable soups, cultured milk foods, but don’t mix them up. Small and frequent portions are ideal for Cancer in May, Stars predict.

Be careful with uncooked vegetables and sour fruit. Don’t hurry to take sweet tea after the meals. Strike off the meals in the nervous and irritating atmosphere.

Cancer girl needs selenium in the ration that can be taken from garlic or mineral water.



Leo girl likes to go too far with food, that’s why it’s necessary to watch the weight. You need a diet rich in protein but poor in carbohydrates and starch. Add olives into the meals to regulate the cholesterol in blood.

Stars say that Leo is in the great need of potassium (fig, raisins, dried fruit, potato, eggplants, and vegetable marrows). Include white meat (baked and boiled), dairy products, eggs and beans, garlic, onion, celery, parsnip into your menu. Plumps and oranges will help you to take off the stress.

Harsh-dietary-fiber-vegetables are perfect for Leo in May (to avoid the constipations). Energy salt is magnesium phosphate that stabilizes the nervous system and keeps up your youth. It is in the stuff of cacao, boiled buckwheat, rolled oats, French beans, peanuts, rye bread.



Diet and habits regularity is important for Virgo in May particularly. Natural intuition brings Virgo girl to the right diet soon or late.

Vegetarianism is wholesome for you. Assume boiled vegetables and cereals as a basis of your diet. Boiled meat and stews aren’t forbidden. Vegetable oil is preferable. Canned food, animal fat and smoked food are contra-indicated. The best condiments are caraway seeds, cinnamon and mint. Caraway seeds are especially good as they improve digestion and eyesight.

Energy salts for Virgo are potassium sulphate and iron phosphate. They are in plenty in buckwheat, oats, millet, vegetable marrows and apples. As they say, An apple a day keeps the doctor away!



Your meals strategy for May is not to overload the organism. Sweets worsen the immunity. Try some low-salt-spice-food.

Stars don’t recommend you summer sausage, margarine, and too much of milk. At the same time, cultured milk products give good effect to the Libra’s metabolism. They must contain enough bead, rice, fresh and boiled vegetables, fruit (plums, peaches and apricots in particular).

Libra girl needs a constant intake of E vitamin (sprouted cereals, malt, lucerne, vegetable oil) into the organism to strengthen veins. Your energy salt is potassium and sodium phosphates (nuts, strawberries, wild strawberries, buckwheat, millet).



Scorpio’s diet should be directed to the blood protector improvement first of all, that depends on its purity at metabolism process. Stars advise you to show temperance in drinks and food, refuse from alcohol, fat and spicy food.

The best choices are the ones that promote the blood formation – cereals, milk, buckwheat, beef liver. It is also recommended to take goose grass and nettle as a blood cleaner. Try bird meat as an animal protein.

To impart piquancy to the food, add garlic, sage, rosemary. It would be very wise of you to take a nettle tea or nettle juice once a week.



The aim of the diet is not to harm the liver but strengthen the blood vessels. As far as you, Sagittarius girl, are a great fat meals eater, you should begin to limit the animal food, animal fat, alcohol drinks in your diet.

Lead your art of cookery to piquant, tasty but low-fat-dishes. Opt for on beans (protein sours) – peas, haricot beans, and also vegetables and fruit. There should be lots of greenery in the meals – parsley, celery, lettuce, mint, basil. Fresh and sour milk goes well either. Minimize salt and sugar intake.

It’s necessary to provide the organism with silicon-rich-food: cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage, nettle, coltsfoot, hemp nettle.



Direct your diet to the improvement of the digestion and assimilability. Pay the attention to the calcium metabolism as it is the basic bones metabolism. Stars advise you to turn to the separate food (don’t mix up the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates at once).

Capricorn is the only zodiac sign who can take some alcohol “for appetite”. Your menu should consist of lean meat, kefir, macaroni products, bread, fresh and boiled vegetables. Choose sweet cherries, cherries, strawberries, blackberries and plums.

There must always be parsley and celery on the dinner table. Drink mineralized water to clean the kidneys and bowels.



The diet is built up to prevent the disorders of the blood circulation and the nervous system. Stars say you’d better follow the vegetarian diet with rough limits of cakes, pastry, alcohol drinks.

Steer clear of the canned food and “chemicals” that are in plenty in soft drinks, alas! Take a habit to go to bed with an empty stomach or after having 1 glass of kefir.

White meat can be included into your ration once per week. Low-fat-fish is recommended. Change sugar for honey. Eat cultured dairy products, but limit bread, macaroni and rice. Pomegranates are extremely wholesome for your acid base in the organism.



As Pisces often suffer from poor detoxication and chemical waste clearness, they run a danger of food poisoning. Thus, reduce the amount of meat you eat (dark meat in particular) and sugar. There are also problems with water, tea or any excess liquid you drink.

You’d better turn your attention onto the porridges, cereals, rice, grapes, apples, nuts and pomegranate (they are rich in phosphates and iron).

Sunflower seeds are not bad either. Include a garden radish into the ration as well.



Restless Aries spends lots of energy every day and needs food rich in calories, containing enough phosphorus – the main link of energy balance of organism. To improve the iron fixation in blood you, girl, have to worry about C vitamin intake; and to restore the nervous system – A and B group vitamins.

The point Aries doesn’t need at all is some stimulations, that’s why erase coffee, strong tea and alcohol out of the diet. Stars say that Aries usually doesn’t pay any attention to the meals she has and eat whatever she wants and when she wants, but establish discipline and take meals regularly and at the same time.

Exclude dark meat out of the ration and substitute the animal fats with vegetable ones.

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