Crystal Renn: Anorexia victim or Photoshop?

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Crystal Renn was very agitated when her weight yet again became a topic of discussion as everybody wondered if she was again falling victim to anorexia or some other eating disorder after images of her looking much thinner.

Crystal Renn

The photoshoot was a part of the Fashion for Passion campaign and the photos were taken by Nicholas Routzen. Nicholas Routzen defended himself by admitting that he would have retouched the photos for any other model as well. He explained that his job was to make women look beautiful. Crystal Renn on the other hand, said in the Today show that she believes that beauty is not in the pant size. She says she has no reason to even want to look that way. Also she added,

When I first saw the pictures, I have to say, I was absolutely shocked. I think I sat in silence for a good five minutes, because I knew nothing of the pictures. When I was looking at the computer screen that’s not what I saw. So I was absolutely shocked and I don’t think it’s an accurate portrayal of my body in anyway. I mean, I’m a size ten, and that looks more like a size two.

Watch the whole video below…

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