Cosmetic Ingredients And Claims Are To Be Monitored

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Cosmetic Ingredients And Claims Are To Be Monitored

Cosmetic ads often claim that their products achieve perfect results but now, according to Advertising Age, the Congress, the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus and FDA are planning to monitor not only claims but also cosmetic ingredients. As the technology progresses certain standards must be set for the cosmetic brands. To monitor the industry user fees and mandatory registration of ingredients are going to be implemented.

With the lack of strict regulations in U.S. cosmetic industry just 10 cosmetic ingredients are banned, while in the European Union that number reaches 1,200. The present concern of officials is so-called ‘cosmesutecals’ the cosmetic products that include certain ingredients that may make them fall into drug category. FDA currently studies whether the tiny particles that some products contain can penetrate skin and become toxic as they are exposed to the sun.

As to the claims being made by the beauty brands there were incidents like the one with Lancome that claimed their anti-wrinkle cream could ‘refill’ wrinkles within an hour which wasn’t proved.

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