Claire Danes New Face of Latisse

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American actress Claire Danes was recently announced as the new face of eyelash-growing product Latisse. Moreover, she admits it’s a kind of perfect role for her because she doesn’t like to wear too much make up.

Claire Danes New face for Latisse

She said:

“I don’t typically wear make-up during the day. I’m so accustomed to wearing makeup in my work – it’s probably the reason why I am less inclined to wear make-up in life.”

The 31-year-old star tells she is glad that Latisse can do all the work for her.

“I’m pretty low-maintenance, which is another reason why Latisse is so great, I can afford to be lazier – it does all the work for me.”

Being an actress, Claire has worked with some of the world’s top make-up artists and confesses she can’t go without them. Her basic beauty routine consists of a light foundation, lip balm and a little shimmer.

The Temple Grandin actress told People magazine:

“I’ve worked with such skilful makeup artists and hairdressers that, ironically, I’m that much more ignorant about how to apply make-up myself.”

Claire stars in the Latisse adverts together with Brooke Shields.

She said:

“We’re doing these shots where our faces were very close and we’re literally giving each other butterfly kisses.”

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