Cindy Crawford Teaches Her Daughter a Diet

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The mother of two, Cindy Crawford is very accurate in showing her daughter Kaia, 8, what to eat and how it’s important to have a balanced diet in order not to feel guilty about indulging yourself from time to time.

Cindy Crawford with her daughter

The 44-year-old beauty said about her diet:

“For breakfast, I’ll eat oatmeal and blueberries and enjoy a salad with chicken or shrimp for lunch. At dinner, I’ll serve up fish and vegetables.”

About indulging herself in sweets, Cindy added:

“But I do have a little chocolate mixed in between meals from time to time. I have a daughter, so I eat consciously because I want her to see me eat healthy and not think that she can’t have dessert ever. I think it’s a bad example for her.”

The supermodel turned interior designer says she tries to be good the majority of the time and believes undergoing regular exercise helps maintain her svelte figure.

She told

“I try to be 80 per cent good, 80 per cent of the time. We all know when we’re blowing it, but as long as you don’t do that all the time…”

She commented on her work out:

“We live in Malibu, so there’s a lot of great hiking there. I work out with a trainer three times a week.”

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