Christina Aguilera Smells By Night

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Marilyn Monroe used to say “I sleep in Chanel” and now you have a chance to have a sleep in Christina Aguilera’s new perfume By Night that the star is going to launch. Her previous fragrance called Inspire gained a lot of fans.


The singer said By Night was inspired by the red color:

“Red is THE color. It is unparalleled in its seductiveness and femininity. This is the reason why I have selected it for this perfume. Red stands for passion and warmth, red allows a woman to appear sexy to others and to feel sexy to herself… The tag line is “By Night, it’s all you need to wear.”

The scent is pretty fruit orientated. Top notes are mandarin, red apple, freesia, almond accord; heart notes are vanilla flower, peach; base notes are amber and black vanilla.

By Night is to be land in October 2009.

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