Chewing Gum Controls Appetite

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Recently, there was a study that was presented at the annual meeting of the Experimental Biology group showed that chewing gum for weight loss can have a variety of powerful benefits. There was a group of 115 men and women some of whom chewed a sugar-free gum three times hourly in the afternoon.

Chewing Gum Controls Appetite

During each visit, subjects were offered an array of snacks three hours after a proper lunch and were told they could eat to their heart’s content. On one afternoon the participants chewed sugarless gum for 15 minutes hourly in the period between lunch and snack time.

The tested reported about reduced feelings of hunger and less desire for high carbohydrate snacks and other sugary foods than those who didn’t chew gum. They also consumed significantly fewer total snack calories as well as carbohydrate calories after chewing sugar-free chewing gum.


Dr Paula Geiselman of Pennington Biomedical Research, Louisiana, said:

“This demonstrates the role chewing gum can play in appetite control. Even small changes in calories can have an impact in the long term. And, this research supports the role of chewing gum as an easy, practical tool for managing snack, especially sweet snack, intake and cravings.”

Chewing Gum Controls Appetite1

The participants also proved feeling more energetic in the hours after chewing the gum.

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