Cheryl Cole Disastrous Make Up

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The English beauty Cheryl Cole was far from being a makeup artist at her teenage years. The Fight for This Love singer has revealed that she spent hours recreating makeup styles and hair dos she saw in the music videos.

The Fight for This Love English singer Cheryl Cole

She said:

“Oh God, when I was a teenager I used to watch music videos and then try to recreate the hair and make-up but it was always very disastrous. I was never very good at applying my own make-up, I’d have eyeliner smeared all over the place. But you know what’s funny?”

She added:

“I always loved big bouffant hair, even then, but because I didn’t know how to get it properly, I’d tie it up in a bobble, push it back so it created a quiff, then I’d put crocodile clips underneath it. Hair by Cheryl. I loved it.”

Despite the fact she loved dressing herself up, Cheryl was often quite quiet and shy teenager.

She explained:

“I was quite a quiet kid. A bit shy. Ever since I was three, just get me in a frilly dress, spray my hair and put me on stage and I’m away. I don’t know whether it’s being fourth in line and saying, ‘Look at me I can kick my leg high and do jazz hands.’ I was the entertainer of the family, but I was never ever like that in everyday life.”

She confessed:

“In fact I was very unconfident when I was young. In my looks, in everything. Then you go through that stage when you’re turning from a young teenager into a young woman. You feel gross, your features don’t fit. If I had have known what I’d have known now it would have been very different.”

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  1. Terry Says:

    they are beautyful woman

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