Carrie Underwood wants Bid Hair for Wedding

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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are already planning their upcoming wedding ceremony. Though they are just on the first stages there are some points discussed.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher

Fisher told the Life & Style mag:

“It’s going to be a good size wedding with plenty of good food and an open bar,” “But nothing too overblown. It’s still in the planning stages, so a lot of the details haven’t been finalized.”

But Mike admits that the bulk majority of work will be on Carrie’s fragile shoulders:

“As you might expect, Carrie’s involved in a lot of the details,” he said, joking, “I’ll just be showing up.”

Carrie talked with reporters on the People’s Choice red carpet earlier this month, saying:

“I’m Southern. I like big hair and eyeliner. I want my wedding to be me, so I’ll probably be rocking some big hair and eyeliner… I want [the dress] to be pretty traditional. I think I want flowers on it – not real flowers. [The designer will] probably be someone I’ve worked with before.”

Wedding preparation is always difficult in decisions as you want everything to be perfect at this special day in your life.

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One Response to “Carrie Underwood wants Bid Hair for Wedding”
  1. Wilbert Mcaninch Says:

    I really love Carrie Underwood’s most recent video – Undo It. Astonishing that carrie was unheard of simply a couple of years ago.

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