Carrie Underwood: First Ad Campaign for Olay

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As I have already mentioned Carrie Underwood is a new face for Olay Cosmetics and now we can overview her first ad campaign for Olay. Carrie appears in Olay’s promo ad as a young girl with glowing healthy skin which means that Olay now is cater for young audience creating a cleansing cosmetic line for youngsters. Does it mean that celebrated cosmetic brand Olay known for anti-aging and lifting products is going to change its ‘middle-aged’ consumers for younger generation? Well, who knows!

Carrie Underwood: First Ad Campaign for Olay

The partnership with Carrie Underwood is all about reaching women like her, ages 25 to 35, who are not currently using Olay now, or really any other skin care brand, because they think the products are very focused on anti-aging. We believe this campaign will bring these women into the brand for the first time by giving them uncomplicated skincare — simply a regimen of cleansing and daily facial moisturizer with UV,

admits P&G vice president, Joe Arcuri.

The 27-year-old country singer, Carrie is signed to be a spokesperson for Olay cosmetics for next 2 years, so as it is reported at the beginning of 2011 Olay and Carrie Underwood will gladden us again with their revamped skincare line. Well then, I’m dying to see! What about you?

And by the way, just below you can watch the first exclusive ad spot with Carrie Underwood for Olay:

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