Brooke Shields With New Lashes From Latisse

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Eyelashes are a point of great nicety! It’s so hard to get a luxuriant lash volume by mascara and even fakes can poorly create an image of natural healthy lashes.

Brooke Shields With New Lashes From Latisse

But now we’ve got a Lash – lengthening serum from Latisse. Brooke Shields has been a spokesperson for the brand. Her participation wasn’t agreed just at random but she was eager to go through the tests of the lash-growing solution.

“I destroyed my own eyelashes while performing on Broadway because I had to use fakes — after awhile that takes a toll,” she tells

Brook managed with fourteen-week product trail applying consistently two drops of Latisse serum on her lash line each night. The point is that the product interrupts lashes’ natural growth cycle, nourishes the lashes and boosts a new growth.

“I am beyond excited with my new eyelashes,” she says. “Now my new eyelashes are so noticeable I don’t even need to wear mascara. I love it.”

Brooke Shields With New Lashes From Latisse1

The luxuriant prescription-only pleasure costs $120 for a one-month supply and ongoing use is required to keep lashes from backing to their natural length.

But Shields says it’s worth it!

“My husband notices everything on me. And when I was looking straight ahead, he said, ‘Wow, your lashes are longer! That’s amazing!’”

Would you like to try it?

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